Monday, December 1, 2008

Nearly Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

Yum! I wish I could have Thanksgiving food all over again! Doesn't it look good? Anyway, I promised I would post pictures of my Thanksgiving food and here it is in all its glory. Unfortunately, I would be breaking my own rules if I posted the recipe to this whole meal. It was an entire process to get all of these ingredients together. I might post the green beans though... that was easy! I discovered Trader Joe's fried onions too.... now I'm putting them on EVERYTHING. Heh.

Sigh... tofurkey... mmm.

Last but not least... everyone's favorite mashed potatoes. My boyfriend decided to micromanage my kitchen skills by taking this task over. Luckily he pulled this one off beautifully thanks to his fond memories of mom's own recipe. What a good boy!

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